Strive for simplicity instead of complexity

Bonnie Studio Case Study
Starting from
Rebranding Bonnie studio, our second favourite client (ourselves), and building the site was a huge fun. Bonnie studio is a graphic design studio based in Sydney, providing full design service including branding, web & app design, motion graphics, illustrations and print design. Our passion is to make unique and fun experience along the way and ultimately bring the best solution to the needs with right approach
B and apostrophe has become the logotype of Bonnie Studio. This logo was born without a fuss but came along smoothly (just like us). It's more than a mark. It became a way of saying, ”this piece is complete”. It shows authenticity. It brings simplicity and personality. It guarantees the quality
Bonnie Studio Case Study

Ahh not really

I know, I know that we owe you explanation about how we got to pick the color palette for our brand. The biggest factor when it comes to choosing the main color for Bonnie studio was our obsession with purple color. For us, purple is not just a color. We think purple can represent our personality best. Purple lovers often represent artistic, unique, intuitive and compassionate people. Bonnie Studio’s priority is empathising with our client’s needs and wants as well as providing fun and unique experience. The primary color palette consists of one main color and four shades that are selected and toned to compliment the main color
The Montserrat is fun geometric font that brings sense of warmth, energy and boldness. On the flip side it's also refined, strong and versatile. It especailly shines for short headlines especially caps, emphasizing its geometric simplicity. We thought this is a good match with us!
Bonnie Studio Case Study

Venetian Nights






Shadow Mountain


White Edgar


Creative Juice,
3D Illustrations
We don't mind going cute and fancy. We aimed to create something that would make people feel like inspired by our illustrations and wanted to crush their thirst for creativity. We made some juicy 3d illustrations for 9 main pages. Whatever we design, it should feel good, positive and bright
Bonnie Studio Case Study
Make a
Edgy motion graphics entice people who are watching. Attracting them with powerful videos is what we aim for. By integrating our works with some cool effects and transitions, we were excited to get people more excited for working with us, picturing what will come along!

over complexity

We wanted to make our website simple, obvious and self-explanatory. Our goal of building our website was to strive for simplicity instead of complexity. From designing to developing, we sticked to our principle - simplicty and clarity - to help people find our website useful and interesting. For those who are more interested in how we developed this website, check out our blog