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As creative UI/UX design studio, we sculpt a user focused interaction and mobile experience, with primary focus on your specific business goals. Our priority is to make the app design that lives your impression, by setting in motion the latest trends of the industry.



We take each work as unique and customized, keeping the process very personalized for the product. As we know the right techniques to research visuals and experience that works for your industry. With proper research, we design a interactive UI/UX to differentiate your products from the competition.

frequently asked

What does our App Design process look like? (+)

Mobile app design (and development) goes through quite complex process and includes a variety of steps to ensure its design, functionality and performance quality. Here are 6 stages of our app design process.



The more information we can get from you at this stage to set the right directions, the more accurate and smoother our process will lay in along the way. We need to get right information including the nature of the product, target audience, keywords representing the brand identity, structure and functions of the app. We will communicate via Zoom, Slack and other communication tools. With this we set the task, scope of works and first estimation for the time and costs needed for the project.



We start our research on user and market. Through user research, we will get deep understanding of the target audience including their preferences, psychological peculiarities, pain point, interaction and engagement style. Market research means exploring the market, especially competitors to find solution to make the product stand out from them and attract potential customers. Without this stage, you will have poor design planning. Decisions made based on poor planning will eventually cost your business much more time and resources.


UX Design (Wireframe & Prototype)

We start to build UX wireframe using Figma to set the structure of all the layout, hierarchy, transitions and interactions based on solutions to user pains in middle level of fidelity. Wireframe stage is heavily based on user and market research and other data analysis. The complexity of a project varies depending on the product functionality, transitions and interactions and interface elements.

We conduct prototyping before moving into UI design stage. The reason why is prototyping gives pivotal insights if the design solutions are correct and appropriate by users, as well as intuitive and closer idea about future product's looks and functions. It saves lots of time and cost for designers and stakeholders to confirm its functionality and usability first rather than spending a chunk of time on appearance in UI stage and then you find functional problems to be changed.


UI Design

After we've approved on the layouts, transitions and features through prototyping, we start UI design. User Interface (UI) design is visual representation of a product including color palette, types and fonts, styles, shapes, images, illustrations and animation to increase usability and meeting user's needs and wants. Basically it's how a product looks whereas UX design is more about logic, user behaviour and connections.


Testing & Development

We can't empathize on testing enough at this stage as it gives us really important insights about the usability and functionality of a final product before we transfer them to developers. To ensure if this app satisfies its goals and interacts with users effectively, we do usability testing. After everything is working perfectly and approved, the design assets will be tossed to developers who are going to bring the product to life.

What are the timeframes? (+)

When it comes to app design, we usually take 4-6 months based on how complex your app is. We take enough time to dig out information and research before jumping into design. Without this stage, you are going to have poor design planning. Decisions made based on poor planning will eventually cost your business much more time and resources. Our timeframes also include testing and making right iterations to build the best website for your users to engage with your brand powerfully.

Why UX is necessary if you can just do UI design? (+)

UI design is making visual components of a product, giving it a style and appearance. While UX design is building the structure of website, designing ultimate functionality, transitions and user behavior. Simply, UX design is about how the mobile app works. If the website is beautiful at first glance but has messy logics and features that doesn't help users interact properly, you will fail to funnel customers to conversion successfully. The priority is creating a product where users can have best experience and be satisfied with their needs.

How much do you charge for app design? (+)

The overall cost of your mobile app design depends on the scope, complexity, functions, values, number of screens, interactivity, illustrations, animations and etc.