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Over the years, we have worked on building powerful brand identity and visual representation that connects company with its customers in a high level of credibility and quality. Our studio has been focused on result based approach so we can ensure that the identity of the brand thrives and functions well in online enviromenal mediums. Our brand strategy process is very collaborative and has a condition of mutual involvement.


Brand Style Guide

We don't want to see the well designed brand identity used incorrectly or even, never used. To help companies avoid big mistakes causing their brand identity to confuse internally and externally, we devlier such clear and easy to follow guidelines for each part of the brand identity. This includes practical details such as what to avoid, when to use with examples and use cases.

frequently asked

What does our branding process look like? (+)

Brand Identity is developed from establishing business goals and researching about the product, company, industry, target audience and competitors to get deep understanding of the essence of the brand to find directions for the best visual identities. It is easy to neglect the importance of story and emotional appeal behind the aesthetic features of brand elements. However, we know they play a big role in creating powerful brand identity and we focus on building good foundation. We aim to be inclusive and a team player with clients while entire time of our creative process.

There are three principes of our design process:

Be comprehensive

We work closely with you in each step of process as we see ourselves as a part of your team.

Keep it practical

We believe that being on same page in each action matters, so we will inform the next step of each process and the practical reason behind.

No cookie-cutter design solution

We avoid same approach or style that's commonly used, but we ensure enough attention is paid to individual differences for the best result.

The 6 stages of building Brand Identity:


Set up business goals and brand personality

We always start with understanding of the product and company. We might need to ask you to give us a description characterizing your company. It can be a list of 3-5 keywords describing your business, vision statement or business goals. This stage is essential to create a guide for the rest of creative process and narrow down what client's been looking for.


Research about market and users

Then, we do market research to have a good chunk of idea of brand positioning to create a unique and representative logo standing out among competitors. User research is done through analysis of demographic, cultural and psychological information. Knowing what the customers need and want is the key to building a brand identity that will make a good impression and get their trust.


Create a logo

At this stage, we start to create a logo, which is the most prominent representation of brand identity and image. A good logo empowers brands to connect with their target audience effectively. We explore in a broad range of concepts and sketches in ideation to find a shape (in black and white for now) that is the most attractive, memorable and recognizable to the users.


Make brand visual elements

Now, we make other visual elements that makes our brand identity complete. We create typography, color palette, iconography, images and illustrations that also speaks for your brand with a logomark. This will imprint a consistent and cohesive brand image on user's mind.


Build corporate brand style

With the logo, color palette, typography and other visual elements created, it's time to put them together to make corporate style. This is going to be used in a variety of applications based on the company's needs. It includes business card / letterhead and envelope / billboards and banners (web & print) / vehicle promotion / clothing / packaging.


Wrap up in brand style guide

What's the point of creating a brand identity if that brand identity is never used or used in a wrong way. To avoid this confusion, we make a brand style guide, which is a holistic set of guidelines defining the brand identity. It provides instructions on how to use the logo and other visual identity assets correctly.

What are the timeframes? (+)

Based on previous experience, we found it ideal to lay in about 2 months on average for building good brand identity. Even though we can get the job done faster if inevitable, building a firm foundation is essential for the successful brand identity. When especially our process is inclusive and interactive to find the best solution for brand strategy, it basically takes time. So be patient!

What does our branding process look like? (+)

It's not a problem anymore to communicate beyond time zones (and social distancing) these days because we have effective communication tools such as Zoom, Slack, Loom, Trello as well as email. We give a presentation of results at the end of each stage through different tools depending on the needs.

We can have meetings via zoom to follow up on a fornightly basis but to save time for both sides, we recommend to have check-ins when it's necessary. We can still communicate to present the results and updates through various ways effectively.