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Empathize & Define

The first step is to empathize with users to gain an empathic understanding of the problem and insight into users and their needs by using methods like user interviews, personas, customer journey maps and the 5 W’s (and H). Then, we will analyse our observations and synthesize them to define a human-centered and actionable problem statement by using methods like project brief, point of view, goals and KPIs. Framing the right problem is the only way to create the right solution.



this stage, we begin to think outside the box to identify solutions to the problem statement we've come up with and seek alternative ways of viewing the problem using ideation techiques such as brainstorm, worst possible Idea, mindmaps, sketching and storyboard. Ideation stage is about generating ideas as many as possible and as broad as possible rather than identifying the "right” idea.



It's time to build prototype. Prototype is a tangible representation of an idea or possible solution. In the early stages, we design in low-fidelity, but in high enough to communicate the idea with someone who will interact with it. It can be as digital wireframes, physical materials and rapid prototyping. By the end of this stage, we will have a better idea of the constraints inherent to the product and have a clearer view of how real users would behave, think, and feel when interacting with the product.



We will do usuability testing on the prototypes created to gain solid feedback from users. We will have another opportunity to gain empathy and understanding of users. With feedback, we can revisit any of the steps to refine the prototype before moving into high-fidelity mockup. Even alterations and refinements can be made to strenghten the solutions and gain deeper understanding of the product and its users.



In this final stage, we are going to materialize the solution and transform the idea into something real and usable to users by using high-fidelity mockup and specifications to engineering. This is going to be the most important step to excute the vision and bring impact to the users’ life through your product and service.

About my
work approach


Research & Report

When the project request is submitted, the research about the project begins. We will bring the report and insights from the research to you as soon as it's done. We are going to talk about the brand & communication strategy as well as content strategy that is perfectly fit and tailred to your customers via a Zoom meeting.


Design brief & Timeline

After the meeting, you will receive the design brief which will allow you to get to know the goal and scope of your project. SOW includes the formal record of the progress of your project. They are also a means of communication beyond whether the project is on schedule or not. The timeline of project will be finallized as well as the cost.


Work Terms

Next step is the agreement. In agreement, you will find detailed descriptions of the work you want, timeline for deliverables, payment details, copyright ownership and termination clause. Listing every single thing you want and adding details of dates in timeline will protect both parties and help them stay on track for the project.



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Full services

We provide any design solution you are looking for: Branding, Web & App design, development, illustrations, marketing colletral, motion graphics.

Across time zones

We manage to work together wherever you are in the world. We use Slack, Zoom and other ways to let you stay in the loop and deliver the best service.

Tailored work terms

Whatever terms we agree on will be tailored to your project needs. We work within the fixed budget, timeline and materials flexibily throughout the project.



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